Role of saas in payroll management

The payroll management software has all the verticalizations by sector (maritime, points of sale, healthcare, construction, tourism and entertainment, agriculture, …). There are also tailor-made versions for Labor Consultants and Public Bodies jobs in singapore.

THE ADVANTAGES of payroll management

  • It has the main national employment contracts and the relative contribution categories already preloaded,
  • Promptly incorporates all provisions and regulatory changes,
  • It ensures a simple and intuitive navigation , with the support of the online help ,
  • It allows access monitoring with a journaling system that shows what information has been modified, by which user and when,
  • Allows consultation, insertion or modification of data through authorized access,

  • Facilitates the setting of payslip processing parameters thanks to a guided processing mode,
  • Facilitates management by the user with personalized validations in the phases of insertion or modification of the personal data of the employees,
  • It carries out processing automatically through the definition of specific work plans,
  • It provides automatic reporting of the activities carried out.


  1. Schedule of events linked to fixed or recurring dates, with the possibility of associating them with groups of employees.
  2. Scheduling of activities with scheduling of date, sequence and processing procedures.

3.Print management and production of files in PDF format with direct publication in the Employee Portal.

4.Complete management of pension funds and welfare funds updated to the latest regulations.

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