Where we are headed with social media retail?

People around the World are currently using for a number of reasons. They are meeting with higher school classmates or long lost relatives, watching movies, reading most significantly for retailers and blogs, they are currently using SM and brands they love and know to connect. From the end 2011- more than 63 percent of Internet users will use media. 148 million individuals and the amount will rise to 67 percent by the year 2013. That is a great deal of people spending plenty of time together with social media to do a great deal of things.

Social media

And while some Retailers are only getting started in using SM for their companies, the business is steam rolling at warp speed. Daily new websites are being created and also the ways consumers use media continues to evolve. So the question is where do we go from here and what is next for networking? Here we of the trends emerging with websites for 2012. As they want to engage and discuss word of mouth encounters with clients in real time around to a group of users, a lot of them will be ideal for retailers like you. Do not think about where you are with SM now, but more importantly, consider where your company could be if you incorporated some of those tools when you read them.

Consumer Content creation-It is all about being in the flow. Yes, you want to have an engaging presence that motivates people to return on a regular basis. Getting networking community members and your brand evangelists to discuss your company in their articles and taking it will be critical. Consider it Word of mouth marketing. You will have to create programs that inspire them to discuss what you are currently doing in their networking posts. Think – except eyes will be on the message and it is on line. Niche Location-This will be another terrific trend for retailers. Location media website that is social informs others and targets a user’s location. This has a connotation for retailers that can use services such as goals or foursquare make offers or to conduct competitions.

It’s like getting free Receive discounts and Advertisements to your check in, their friends and etc see they are shopping in your store and might be interested to come in and get the same thing .Ann Taylor, McDonalds, Starbucks and Best Buy are just a few of the companies that have created programs for Location based services. Group Purchasing-This trend keeps growing and will expand with more websites in 2012. To put it simply, group buying is based on the premise that creating a sense of urgency will incentivize users to discuss the information with friends in their own circle and to act. When enough people sign up and where brands offer you a deal, everyone gets the offer. It is a terrific way to find an enormous amount of press you could never cover on your own.

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